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bulletTo provide a competitive environment for youth in the the Byron-Bergen area to demonstrate and improve their soccer skills at a level above recreation soccer leagues.
bullet The mission of the club is to raise the skill level of the dedicated players which will also help prepare them for competitive play at higher levels.
bullet The emphasis is on teaching the complete game, teamwork, discipline and most important, a well-rounded individual who puts effort ahead of winning and losing.
bullet The goal is to put better players from their age groups on the same team and compete with other travel teams from the Rochester area.  The club believes that because Rochester area team are more competitive they provide a challenge for the players in our area and raise their skills and game speed to a higher level.
bullet Often we see recreation league games where the play is dominated by a couple of kids from each team.  They are involved in most of the action while leaving other team members on the field with few touches.
bullet The travel program provides a place where these “dominant players” can play on a team with others at their skill level and provide competition that will challenge them.
bullet The other children at the recreation level will benefit by being able to touch the ball more and become more involved in the game—improving their skills.  Soccer is a game that should be enjoyed by players of all skill levels.

Time and Cost 

bulletWe play 12 league games and 1-2 tournaments a season.
bullet The outdoor season runs from the middle of May to the end of July.  Half of the league games are played on Byron-Bergen fields.  The away games are in Monroe and surrounding counties.
bullet Practices will start in January in an indoor facility until the first of April.  We will practice indoors approximately 2 to 4 times per month.  Outdoor practices will start as soon as the fields are available.   Teams generally practice 3 times per week.
bullet The emphasis is on player development.  Typically, teams will have one game per week and two practices.  In recreation leagues, teams typically have 2-3 games per week and very few practices.  The club focus is on developing the player and their skill level.
bullet The cost for the 2011 season is $200/player.  This cost includes all player fees (i.e. insurance, uniform, league registration), club fees (field lining, equipment, referee fees), summer tournament fees and the cost of a 2-day clinic taught by professional youth coaches from UK International.


bullet Since travel soccer is more competitive, attendance at practices and games is very important.
bullet The players at this level are more serious about the game and depend on total teamwork—each player is an intricate part of the team.
bulletIf all members are at practice, they learn as a team their skills progress equally.
bullet The club also sponsors camps and clinics by professional coaches to assist the growth of the players.   Participation in these events is highly encouraged.
bullet Coaches also expect players to work on their own, outside of practice.  This commitment and work ethic is important for the development of the player and the team.
bullet There is some flexibility in the schedule when it comes to school functions, family matters and vacations.  Typically, before the schedules are finalized, game dates have been changed to accommodate as many conflicts, as possible.
bullet Bottom line:  Travel soccer will require more time, cost more money and a stronger commitment to make practices, games and tournaments then the recreational program.  But, the results of the program can be seen with our successful High School teams and players.

Playing Time 

bullet The club does not have a rule requiring equal playing time above the U10 level.
bullet The coach makes the decision around the amount of time each player will play based on the player’s ability, practice attendance, attitude and conduct.
bullet The more skilled and committed players will see more playing time.
bulletA guideline the club does use for the coaches is:  if they can not guarantee a player will see some playing time for every game, then do not put that player on the roster.
bulletIt is better for a player to play on a recreation team where he/she will get more playing time.


The club is committed to developing players that are dedicated to the sport.  The younger the players get exposed to this level of competition, the better the players become.  The travel game is faster and played with more skilled players than the local recreation leagues.


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